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Everything old is new again.

Hey, look, an infinitely-scrolling gray-background blog.  Welcome back to the pre-Kinja joy of what was popularly called Jalopnik 4.0, except now it's designed for an iPad and takes three times as much processing power to render it all.  This all sounds like a complaint but it's pretty nice, actually.

The newest incarnation of side-scrolling comments is a workable compromise between the awful, awful original Kinja style and the one everybody prefer, and I'm sure it works really great on a touch screen.  Sigh.


My one gripe is that there are no navigational aids between "blogs" (Jalopnik, other Gawker sites, this site, etc.)  I went to my user page and suddenly had no way to return except by awkward back-button traversal or by retyping Jalopnik's address.  Boo.

Meanwhile there's still G+... but yeah, what the heck, I'm interested in how this plays out.


Happy hooning, everyone.

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